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Green and blue infrastructure plan - Click image to enlarge

Green and blue infrastructure at Penkridge North - Click image to enlarge

The existing woodland will be retained within the site, providing recreational and ecological benefits close to the proposed development. We are also proposing to retain the existing hedgerow resource within the site where possible, however some loss will inevitably be required to address access and highways matters. The proposals will also create new hedgerows based on historic field boundaries, which will provide a framework for the network of green corridors across the site and the provision of new hedgerows will more than compensate for any loss. They will link housing areas with key locations and facilities within and surrounding the development. Key existing vegetation will be retained as focal points within the layout.

Areas of new tree and woodland planting will be delivered to integrate the site into the surrounding landscape. We propose that the northern edge of the new neighbourhood will be strengthened with new tree planting, reflecting the character of the surrounding retained woodland areas and providing a buffer to the strategic bridleway corridor that lies to the north of the site.

Our proposed community riverside park will incorporate the existing floodplain of the River Penk while maintaining the open, linear character of the river corridor. Strategic tree planting around the periphery will help to screen views of the nearby motorway.

Large areas of the site are currently comprised of improved agricultural land, which is of relatively low value in terms of biodiversity. The retention of existing landscape features such as the woodland and hedgerows, alongside the creation and management of new landscape planting, SUDS features (i.e. wetland), and the riverside community parkland will provide new habitats and enhance the quality of the existing habitats - improving the biodiversity of the site.

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