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Investing in the Wider Community

Feedback from our previous consultation emphasised the importance of investing in the wider community of Penkridge. For example, when we asked the community whether they would like to see a new community hall delivered at Penkridge North, feedback suggested that investing into improving existing facilities in the village was more important to the community. Likewise, there was a view that investing into existing sports facilities in the village would be welcomed, alongside the new facilities being provided at Penkridge North. Pressure on local GP provision was also a commonly cited concern.

The development at Penkridge North will generate significant financial contributions to be invested into local infrastructure. How this will be invested is to be determined through consultation with a wide range of consultees, including the local community and their representatives, the local NHS, the highways authority, Local Education Authority, and many others. This will ensure that there is appropriate investment into local schools, healthcare provision and other infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing community.

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Penkridge Village Centre

As part of the programme of wider community investment, plans are being prepared in liaison with South Staffordshire District Council for significant improvements to public realm in the Crown Bridge area of the village centre, including increased pedestrianisation, traffic calming, and landscaping. These improvements will form a condition of a planning consent and will be funded by the development at Penkridge North.

The emerging proposals for Crown Bridge would see the existing junction rationalised into a smaller junction. An optioneering exercise is underway to ascertain the most beneficial form, in consultation with Staffordshire County Council.

Rationalisation of the junction will reduce the carriageway space and open up additional space for pedestrians and enhanced public realm treatments. This could provide opportunities to extend the existing footways, create a space for visitors to the local shops and cafes to dwell, and a space for the provision of new street furniture (benches, cycle parking etc).

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Technical drawings showing potential layout improvement options for Crown Bridge (note this is an engineer’s drawing and does not include landscape improvements, planting etc.) - Click images to enlarge